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I'm an artist who loves to explore the natural world. I also love bats, dogs, horses, and small things.

My work is directly inspired by nature.  I feel at home when I am surrounded by rushing water, tall mountains, peaceful meadows, and the sounds of animals scurrying about.  I have worked as a dolphin and whale researcher, an Equine Massage Therapist, and taught children and adults for over seventeen years. These experiences have had a profound impact on my approach to art and my interest in the natural world.


I often begin my work thorough direct observation, and visit locations many times before a painting or drawing is complete. I also enjoy working from my imagination, bringing elemental forms and textures to life. I sell my paintings and accept commissions.  


I have done illustration work for the Department of Natural Resources, and children's educational programing and literature.  I welcome illustration projects pertaining to the natural world or children's publishing. Each day is a new adventure, and I hope you will join me as I capture the sights and sounds of our beautiful world through art.

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